Yes Please, by Amy Poehler

2/5 stars

Recommended for: fans of Mindy Kaling or Tina Fey, people who LOVE Amy Poehler, fans of UCB


 I had really high expectations for this, but I have to say I am disappointed. It’s clear from this book that Amy thinks she’s the bee’s knees. In my opinion, the amount of drug references was ridiculous and overdone, like she’s trying to prove something to us. We get it, Amy, you used to do a lot of drugs(?). Also, the word “tiny” was overused. After just finishing Mindy Kaling’s Why Not Me?, I just feel let down. I would rather read Kaling than Poehler any day. Also, why was this book printed on such shiny paper? It made turning pages really difficult.

The cover is definitely real cool, though.