Dead Beautiful (Dead Beautiful #1), by Yvonne Woon


3/5 stars

Reccomended for: fans of Twilight, The Divine Comedy, or classy zombies


I predicted the entire book less than halfway through.

This book was interesting, and basically a better version of Twilight. I don’t understand the ending, and Dante didn’t seem right to me. Maybe I couldn’t mentally picture him (or Renée, for that matter) or maybe I didn’t buy the chemistry, but as a couple they weren’t that bad. This book was sort of creepy, especially with all the dead things. I have to at, nothing in this book particularly caught my attention, it was pretty average. I did like Miss. LaBarge, I wish we could have seen more of her. I’m uncertain about how I feel with the addition of her dwindling relationship with Annie, and the fact that she never really misses Wes that much.

Most of the characters
The school
Miss. LaBarge

Lack of character description
Lack of descriptive adjectives


John Dreamer (John Dreamer #1), by Elise Celine


3/5 Stars

Recommended for: people who like the movie Dreamscape (featuring a younger, cuter Dennis Quaid), gameshow-type scenarios, and a writing style that leaves you feeling vaguely disturbed


This book has me all weirded out, it’s close enough to reality that I can’t really figure it out.
I love the concept of this book, finding your biggest flaw and overcoming it, but the ending leaves me needing a second book. This one was not terribly well written, the romance didn’t develop and the ending was pretty random. There was a big cliffhanger, I’m just not sure to what, and I don’t know how there will be a second book. I guess I will see!

The thing with the disease was really unnecessary I think. Is Andy really too scared to know people because of that? And Roy liking Andy was a totally overused plot device

I loved seeing how all the jar averts became better versions of themselves, and I thought it was hilarious how they always forgot that most of it was a simulation, until it was over
Pretty good book, kinda boring. I’ll probably read the next one two years after it comes out