John Dreamer (John Dreamer #1), by Elise Celine


3/5 Stars

Recommended for: people who like the movie Dreamscape (featuring a younger, cuter Dennis Quaid), gameshow-type scenarios, and a writing style that leaves you feeling vaguely disturbed


This book has me all weirded out, it’s close enough to reality that I can’t really figure it out.
I love the concept of this book, finding your biggest flaw and overcoming it, but the ending leaves me needing a second book. This one was not terribly well written, the romance didn’t develop and the ending was pretty random. There was a big cliffhanger, I’m just not sure to what, and I don’t know how there will be a second book. I guess I will see!

The thing with the disease was really unnecessary I think. Is Andy really too scared to know people because of that? And Roy liking Andy was a totally overused plot device

I loved seeing how all the jar averts became better versions of themselves, and I thought it was hilarious how they always forgot that most of it was a simulation, until it was over
Pretty good book, kinda boring. I’ll probably read the next one two years after it comes out